Support Centre

Mayflower Support Centre, part of Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery, was opened as a purpose built centre in 2009.

The centre has space for 12 pupils from Year 1 – Year 6. Pupils gain entry into the Support Centre through the Primary Placement Panel which is led by the local authority.

The Support Centre follows the same principals as the Academy and has an embedded culture of high expectations and collective responsibility to achieve excellence for all pupils. Every pupil has a bespoke program of support which combines academic, social and physical targets which are related to a Project Based Curriculum. The Project Based Curriculum within the Support Centre audits the academic needs, talents and interests of the pupils as a whole, whilst also personalising activities to meet their complex needs. Pupils are provided with equality of opportunity through bespoke and challenging teaching by all staff members.

All pupils within the Support Centre have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) or Statement of Special Educational Needs which highlights their strengths and needs as identified by parents, teaching staff and outside agencies. From this, a bespoke package of educational support is set for each pupil which identifies their academic, physical and social needs. Individual Pupil Targets are then set.

The Support Centre provision is designed to create opportunities for pupils to take risks, make mistakes and communicate their feelings in a clear and confident way.
They are taught how to listen to each other’s point of view and encouraged to share their own thoughts and opinions.