Our aim at Mayflower Community Academy is to develop independent writers who can communicate their understanding and learning effectively through their writing. Our writing outcomes are centred in our curriculum which gives pupils a context to their learning. This also promotes the appropriate use of vocabulary, integrates subject knowledge, and encourages pupils to question and explore key concepts further. As pupils progress through the school, they will gain experience in writing a number of different genre’s (non-fiction, fiction, and poetry) and the features within these genres get progressively more complex as they are revisited in later years.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar objectives are taught within the context of Writing but also discretely where appropriate. This ensures that pupils can apply their new learning of SPaG concepts to current tasks and instantly question and explore the use of these within their learning. As a school, we use the 6 Strategies for Effective Learning to help pupils remember specific Grammar concepts. This is in the form of our SPaG retrieval cards. More information can be found in the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tab.

Spellings are taught directly from the National Curriculum Statutory Guidance. This is supported by our use of Phonics Bug in EYFS/Key Stage 1 and progresses into whole class teaching of spelling. Spellings are taught in context and pupils are given the opportunity to explore words and phrases using the rules. All pupils across the academy have an account on Spelling Shed which provides them with a platform to practice their spellings. This online tool is used within our Remote Learning strategy and pupils are asked to complete spelling assignments each week which are allocated by their class teacher and linked to the learning in the classroom. More information can be found in the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tab.

Our handwriting policy states that pupils are introduced to pre-cursive letter formation in our Nursery and Foundation classes. This progresses into cursive handwriting from Year 2, with pupil’s confidently joining within Key Stage 2. It is an expectation that by the end of Year 6, pupils are to cursively join their handwriting across all subjects. Letter Join is used across the Academy to model letter formation. It is an online tool which is also part of our home learning strategy. Pupils are encouraged to access the website platform or APP at home. More information can be found in the Handwriting Tab.