Oracy Tools and Resources

Functional Language Booklets: A booklet of sentence stems.

Aim: To provide a structure of sentence starters for organising talk.

Our Functional Language Booklets are specifically designed for pupils at Mayflower Community Academy. The booklets are a way of providing each individual pupil with a booklet of sentence stems. This opportunity supports pupils to respond in the form of a complete sentence to effectively communicate.

Sentence stems provide scaffolding to help pupils recognise the range of ways we can engage in talk and also is a tool to get started in speaking or writing without the added pressure of thinking about how to correctly formulate a response. We have produced two booklets for each pupil. The first booklet explores types of talk, such as opinions or predictions, and the second booklet explores types of talk in specific subject areas, such as ‘Talking like an artist’.

Download a Functional Language booklet here:
Functional Language Booklet
Download a ‘Talking like a…’ booklet here:
Talking Like A

Role Cards: Cards to give each participant a role in conversation.
Aim: To provide each pupil with one focus during a discussion.

Role cards are designed to give discussions a structure. It is a method to ensure that all pupils are included within discussions. The pupils know what is expected of them, for example; if they have the role which begins the discussion they know that they lead the conversation and have the sentence stems to support them with this.

Using role cards are a great way to encourage the whole class, in their groups, to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions. By giving out specific roles, pupils can get involved in debates and group discussions clearly knowing what is expected of them. It also helps the social and emotional element of group dynamics as everyone has their role assigned and this can be really positive to change roles. It works well for the quieter, more passive pupils and equally the more confident pupils who are used to leading.

Download Role Cards for Reception here:
EYFS Role Cards
Download Role Cards for Year One and Two here:
Year 1 and 2 Role Cards
Download Role Cards for Year Three and Four here:
Year 3 and 4 Role Cards
Download Role Cards Year Five and Six here:
Year 5 and 6 Role Cards

We work alongside London school Voice21, an Outstanding school in London, which has built their curriculum with Oracy at the heart. We use their Oracy Framework to build Oracy skills which cover all aspects; physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional. Using this, we can clearly communicate with the pupil’s what we are looking for when we set an activity, a piece of work or a presentation. It also enables us to focus on communication as a whole and really develop those life skills for our pupils and their chosen futures.

Download the Oracy Framework from Voice21 here:
Click Image to Download

Oracy and Questioning: Hints and tips to get your children talking at home

The Talk with TRUST document is in the style of a comic strip and outlines how you can make anything a learning experience for your child. They are designed in a way which with help your child’s thinking and learning whilst doing day to day activities. Trust stands for:

Take turns to talk
Recap the talk and the plan
Use encouragement
Share and talk about ideas and experiences
Tune-in and be interested

Download Talk with TRUST
Talk with TRUST comic

The parent talk moves encourage family talk and dialogue. The talk moves suggest ideas to get children interested in talking, share their thinking, develop listening and responding, encourage deeper thinking and recognise what they have done well. Please have a look:

Download Parent Talk Moves
Parent Talk Moves Topsy Page