Oracy Lead Biography

Hi, my name is Amy Parsons, and I am Oracy Lead at Mayflower Community Academy

‘Together we can… create confident communicators.’

My experience: I have worked in Early Years at Mayflower for 7 years. Over time, I have been Early Years Lead until I had my son. When I returned to work, I took on Oracy Lead and have enjoyed learning, researching, and developing Oracy strategies with our staff, pupils, and families.
My passion: I have always been interested in language and, in particular, Speech and Language strategies. Working in Early Years, I have a real knowledge and understanding of speech production and development as the majority of pupil’s enter Early Years with -19 months of delay. I enjoy communicating with the pupils in all areas of learning and developing creative ways of embedding speaking, active listening and Oracy skills into the classroom.
My current interest: I am working on how models, images and key words can develop pupil’s confidence of voice. I am focusing on how developing Physical, Cognitive, Linguistic and Social and Emotional skills can be enhanced when speaking to others. At Mayflower, we use three key documents to support this; a Knowledge Organiser, Graphic Organiser and Tiered Vocabulary.

Partners I’m working with: People who inspire me: Dr Val Brooks, Neil Mercer, Lyn Dawes

Twitter: @amyparsonsMCA
Website: http://www.mayfloweracademy.org/