Who’s Who?

Photo Name Position
Mr. Sammels Headteacher
Mrs. Jennings Deputy Headteacher, Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader
Mrs. Peters SENCO, Support Centre Leader
Mrs. Sandey Assistant Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher, Year 5 & 6 Leader
Mrs. Parsons Foundation Teacher
Miss. Smith Year 4 teacher
Mrs. Taylor Year 6 Teacher, RE Lead
Miss. Rose Foundation Leader
Mrs. Vollans Year 1 Teacher, Reading and Phonics Lead
Miss Bailey Year 3 Teacher, Year 3 & 4 Leader
Mrs. Murphy Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. King Year 6 Teacher
Miss. Wood Support Centre Teacher
Mrs. Mills Specialist teacher & Year 5 teacher
Mr. Weale Specialist Teacher
Mrs. Easton Year 4 Teacher
Mrs. Bradshaw Year 3 Teacher
Miss Frankland Year 2 Teacher, Year 1 & 2 leader
Mr. White Year 1 Teacher
Mr. Spurrier Year 4 Teacher
Mrs. Acton Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. Huges PPA Teacher
Miss Wood PPA Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Photo Name Position
Miss Shepherd Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jones Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Dann Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr Jenkins Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants

Photo Name Position
Mrs. Roberts Teaching Assistant
Miss Dunlop Teaching Assistant
Mrs Keast Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helliwell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Mrs Griffin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smyth Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mackney Teaching Assistant
Miss Bowden Teaching Assistant
Miss Miller Teaching Assistant
Mrs McGrath Maternity Leave, Teaching Assistant
Miss Norsworthy Teaching Assistant
Miss Barringer Maternity Leave
Mrs Bishop Teaching Assistant
Miss Holmes Teaching Assistant
Miss Tills Teaching Assistant
Miss. Scannell Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Haycock Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Orman Teaching Assistant

Admin Team

Photo Name Position
Mrs. Mear Administrator
Mrs. Barkham Administrator
Mrs. Smith PA to MALT
Miss. Parnowski Administrator
Mr. Norton IT Technician
Mrs Lang Family Support Advisor
Miss Clapp MTA Supervisor
Photo Name Position
Miss Bartram MTA/Cleaner
Mrs. Sanders MTA
Mrs. White MTA
Mrs. Wood MTA
Mrs. Hughes MTA/Cleaner
Mr. Brandenburg Caretaker
Mrs. Joyce Cleaner
Mrs. Brimacombe Cleaner
Mrs. Viant Cleaner
Mrs. Yorke Cleaner
Mrs. Vickery Cleaner
Mrs. Cook MTA/Cleaner
Mrs. Jones MTA