Continuous Professional Development

The Vision

Professional development is of the upmost importance to all members of staff at Mayflower Community Academy.

We believe that learning is continuous, for adults as well as children. We value opportunities to recall, question and explore and then communicate, declaring and sharing our learning.

Our aim is to develop and support members of staff from being dependent in their learning through the stages of dependency, finally reaching inter-dependency and autonomy. We want to empower staff to feel that they can influence and positively impact the world of education.

We recognise that to be an effective teacher, many external and internal factors and influences have to align. We call this developing the “Mindset, Skillset and Toolset”

The Mindset. We encourage our staff to be professionally and personally balanced. We want enquiring minds, scientists but also designers of education.

The Skillset. We understand the skillset to be open to and willing to learn. This encompasses reading high quality, peer reviewed research and evidence, listening to podcasts and debates and being aware of and understanding current educational issues. We encourage all staff to question and explore, debate and feedback their opinions on the research and evidence.

The Toolset. With an enquiring mind, combined with the evidence and research, we now need to put this into action. The toolset is the “How”. What do our pupils need to ensure the optimum progression and attainment? This is the time for our teaching staff to test and innovate- to become inter-dependent and autonomous. The time to influence.

The Spiral Approach

Professional development at Mayflower is continuous. We have purposefully designed it as a spiral approach. Learning is modelled by experts, with opportunities for staff to question and explore before declaring and sharing their learning. The new learning is repeated in sessions throughout the year. Learning at Mayflower is not a one-off session. Time is important to all staff and so professional learning is continued through leadership meetings, phase meetings, PPA, daily team reflection and protected weekly professional development meeting time.

The Four Strands of Professional Development

The spiral professional learning approach has four main strands of learning. The four strands are: Pedagogy, Subject Leadership, Curriculum Development and Career Development. These four strands are interwoven throughout the year. The four strands of professional development are influenced by: Trivium, Project based Learning, Staff requests, Global/National Agendas, Evidence informed practice and at the forefront, pupil outcomes.

Career Development

Staff at Mayflower have individual “professional flight paths” discussed and planned in their performance management sessions. We encourage staff to develop their learning and offer all teaching staff the opportunities to partake in the ECF, NPQs, Middle Leadership courses and Recently Qualified Teacher development courses.

The Mayflower CPD Calendar 2021-22

The Mayflower CPD calendar has been carefully planned to allow for a spiral approach to learning. Sessions are led by internal and external experts. Staff are encouraged to attend the sessions as whole school learning, followed by in phase team discussions. Throughout the sessions, staff question and explore the research. They then have time to test their research in the classroom, making the research practical. At the end of each half term, staff present their research and practical evidence, in teams to the whole school. We embrace the feedback as a school and use this to design our next steps and enhance our teaching strategies. We capture, correct and celebrate our learning.

Core Reading

The Walkthrus collection by Tom Sherrington and `Oliver Caviglioli provide the “backbone” for the Mayflower CPD 2021-22. These are core texts that all staff read before, during and after the professional development sessions.

Staff also encouraged to read other texts, papers and articles before the professional development sessions. Pre-reading is given to all teaching staff in advance of the session to be critiqued individually and as a phase team.

We have a wide range of professional books available for staff to borrow and read at their leisure. We also have a professional development video support package, with video sessions recorded by national experts. Alongside this, we have a Mayflower CPD Padlet where staff and national experts may review and recommend professional development texts.

Teaching Assistant Continuous Professional Development

We believe that all teaching staff at Mayflower should have high quality continuous professional development. Every teaching assistant has protected professional development time each week, with sessions lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. Sessions are recorded by internal and external experts. Our teaching assistants work together in phase teams to access the recordings. The CPD approach is spiral based, ensuring the learning is recapped. There are planned opportunities for discussion sessions, review sessions and communication sessions.

Throughout the professional development package, the teaching assistants will work together to create a school improvement project based, enhancing reading for pleasure. Staff will meet each fourth week to read current high-quality research into reading, discuss data, diagnostic assessments and plan their reading projects. At the end of the academic year, the teaching assistants will present the impact of their reading for pleasure projects to all staff.

Core reading is the same for all teaching staff. The Walkthru’s by Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli are the “backbone” for teaching assistant CPD alongside DfE reading documents.

Mayflower Community Academy Teaching Assistant Continuous Professional Development Session Overview 2021-22