Support Centre

Welcome to the Mayflower Support Centre page. Here can you read about all the exciting learning journeys and adventures the Support Centre children are taking.

Mayflower and Me, Together we can?

This term’s Support Centre topic is all about our Academy and the exciting Project Based Learning that is happening.

As Mayflower Reporters the children have been and will be attending the launches and mini shares of the rest of the Academy so that we can write articles for a school magazine. In preparation for these visits we have been looking at the role of a reporter, the equipment that is used and how newspaper articles are written.

The school magazine will also contain information about the history of the Academy, the building process and its layout. Therefore, the Support Centre have been taking photos of different areas with in the Academy and have also drawn a Bird’s Eye view after looking on Google Earth.

We are focussing on plants in Science this term. We are learning about the different parts of a plant, what is needed to help it grow and how they are useful to us. To help us with this topic we have visited Ham Woods to look at plants in the wild and conducted an experiment to grow Mung Beans. The children have been amazed at how quickly the Mung Beans have grown and how they are able to see all its parts so clearly. Be on the look out for giants though as they haven’t finished growing yet.

We are extremely lucky to have a yoga instructor working within our Academy as a Teaching Assistant. We have put this expertise to good use on a Thursday morning and the children are really benefitting social and physically from these sessions. Thank you Miss Jefferson.

Our visits to the Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge are continuing this term and the children that attend on a Monday morning are really engaging with their new school’s curriculum. The curriculum sees the children learning about the care of a donkey as well as benefitting from the animals as therapy approach.

The six week school holiday can be a really long time for children with special needs and they can often find it difficult to settle and get back int the flow of learning. However, one of our learners has returned with a passion for story writing and is making use of the different strategies has been taught to make it interesting. It is wonderful to see his application of these skills within his writing.