Year 6

With the residential fast-approaching, I am writing to remind you that we have extended the deadline for the Okehampton residential final payment date. You must now ensure that full payment has been made by Friday 28th April. I have also enclosed a reminder of the details of the trip and a kit list of things you may want to begin sourcing over the Easter holidays.

 Venue: Adventure Okehampton
 Accommodation: The Good Sheds
 Date: Wednesday 17th May – Friday 19th May (3 days, 2 nights)
 Cost: £160

You are able to make payments at any time, in any way that you can. We advise either full payment; or 2, 4 or 10 instalments – this is up to you (please see the office to set this up). If you are struggling with these options, please come and speak to a member of the Year 6 team or the office, who will do their best to find a payment plan which meets your needs.

We have set a deadline date of 28th April 2017, by which time all payments should be complete.

We really hope that this will help in getting every child in Year 6 to attend this fantastic trip!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sandey and Mrs Taylor

Adventure Okehampton Residential Information

Suggested Activity kit list

Packed lunch for first day

Water Activities
Old trainers or wet shoes (No Wellies!)
Full Change of clothes
Tracksuit bottoms or similar (No Jeans)
Warm jumper or fleece

Please note Wetsuits will be used for watersports if the weather is inclement otherwise old clothes can be worn with a spare pair of dry clothes to change into after the activity.

Land Activities
Waterproof Jacket (& trousers although not essential)
Tracksuit bottoms or similar (No Jeans)
Warm jumper or fleece
Walking boots, stout footwear
Pony trekking – wellies and gloves

Plenty of old clothes
Sun Hat
Woolly hat
Drinks bottle
Small rucksack
Wash things
Bin bag (for dirty or wet kit to be taken home)
Comfy shoes/slippers (for inside the hostel)
Sun cream

This list is a suggested kit list, please ensure you have plenty of spare clothing due to the nature of activities and the weather, clothes can get wet so it’s important to bring enough to ensure a dry pair is available.

Shoes are also important Wellington boots can be useful but please ensure another pair of outdoor shoes/pumps/trainers are available, as wellies are not suitable for all activities.

Weather is unpredictable at the best of times not more so than on Dartmoor, please ensure you bring appropriate clothing for all weather.

Money, we have a small shop on site, which sells sweets and small souvenirs pens etc. so you may want to bring a small amount of money (£5.00 maximum)

Mobile phones, Tablets and electronic games are NOT to be bought along, there is a phone on site and it ensures that these items are not lost or damaged whilst on activities.

IMG_1371 from Technician on Vimeo.

PROJECT OUTCOME: 23/03/16 The Great British ‘Debate-off’!

Great Mayflower Debate-Off from Technician on Vimeo.

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Mayflower Community Academy, visited the ‘Council Chambers’ in Plymouth today, to debate whether ‘money would be better spent on the north American space program or south American rainforest conservation’. Each Year group took an opposing side of the argument and spent the spring term researching statistics and information; producing information texts and persuasive writes based on their given viewpoint. They were also immersed in a range of experts from this field, including: Dartmoor Zoo; Adrian Chapman as Neil Armstrong; Rosamonde Birch from the Parliament’s Education Service; Tim Peake and our own local magistrate, Gill Jones.

This was Mayflower’s first PERMS Project and it has really enriched the children’s learning; focusing on an authentic audience and a ‘real life’ purpose. The children were so evidently inspired and invigorated by the project, with one child stating:

“I couldn’t sleep last night, because I was so excited. I was tossing and turning all night” Alfie Trim, Year 6.

“We wanted the children to think about something bigger than themselves and our school. The issue they wanted to discuss was topical and current and arose from one child discovering that the budget for the North American Space Program was set at $18.3 billion. He questioned why there was nothing budgeted to help sustain the rainforest? And why this was the case? From here, the children had a purposeful inquiry and an authentic audience. The project just spiralled; it was a really natural process.” Mrs Sandey, Year 6 Teacher.

The final ‘debate-off’ was driven by one of the Academy’s S & L priorities; developing oracy skills and articulation through the use of functional language, and was a project that the children clearly had ‘ownership’ of; funding it entirely themselves, through the selling of campaign calendars and holding a fair trade coffee afternoon .

The children were able to confidently and courteously argue their opinion, as well as critiquing the opposing side with the flaws of their argument. The children are now looking forward to their Summer Term project – hoping that they will be able to challenge other schools; both nationally and even internationally, to their next debate topic.

Dates for Parents – Autumn 2.pdf

PLB at Mayflower from Technician on Vimeo.

Year 6 E Safety Posters from Technician on Vimeo.