Year 5

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Year 5 Evacuation Experience

Outside Learning Day

On Friday 17th June, Mayflower Community Academy took part in an outside learning day. Year 5 spent the first part of the morning carrying out some art. The children collected photos and pictures from home that represented travel. They then created mood boards with these images and finally painted their favourite picture.

In the afternoon we visited Ham Woods where we made sculptures out of any materials found in the natural environment.


This term, children in Year 5 have been learning about being homeless. We have immersed ourselves into some fantastic language and used our senses to imagine how someone would feel living on the streets with no home.

Below are just some of our stories and poems we have written.

Stay Hopeful KH.pdf
Please Help RP.pdf
Unfortunate Life LK.pdf
Life on the Streets – RE.pdf
HOPE EC .pdf
Praying for a home – S.pdf
A Life you wouldn’t want KK.pdf
Another Day by FD.pdf
Please Help! MA.pdf

Spirit of Discovery

This year several children in Year 5 took part in a competition called the Spirit of Discovery.

The Spirit of Discovery is about children capturing and sharing their work and showing pride in; who they are, what they do and where they live.

A massive congratulations to 4 children who have been successful: Anya Stevens, Kayleigh Kennedy, Mia Aherne and Kiera Hedley in 5S.

These children will be taking part in an event which will run the week beginning 4th July 2016. The location chosen for the event is beautiful South East Cornwall.

Pupils will depart from Plymouth Train Station on the morning of Monday 4th July and their journey of discovery will return them by sail boat in the afternoon of Thursday 7th July.

Both challenging and rewarding, the event will focus upon the themes of: ‘Creative Me’; ‘Thinking Me’ and ‘Physical Me’ with the overall theme being around environmental sustainability.

The programme of locations and activities is currently being finalised and will include a programme of introductions and team building that will take place through May and June.

Children will be expected to be environmentally self-sufficient throughout, this includes travelling from location to location either on foot, by bicycle or using wind power. Of course, ‘the challenge lies within’…

You can see their wonderful work by clicking on the link below:

Spring 4 Reflections

Would money be better spent on the North American space programme or the South American Rainforest?

Spring 4 was full of interesting and exciting learning opportunities for all children in Year 5 and 6. We started the term with our project launch where children were immersed into the ‘Battle of the Americas’.

The children took part in a series of activities, including an ‘Amazon animal workshop experience’ and heard from Adrian Chapman, who returned to Mayflower as Neil Armstrong!

After researching about the space project and the benefits space exploration has had on the world today, the children developed their debating skills ready to take on “The Big Debate Off”

On Wednesday 23rd March, children from Year 5 and 6 visited the Plymouth Council House. The children were able to confidently and courteously argue their opinion, as well as critiquing the opposing side with the flaws of their argument.

“This was the best day of my school life so far” Year 5 Pupil

“The Plymouth Council House was amazing. We could have debated at school but it was a hundred times better to go on a trip. I was really nervous about having to argue my point of view but it was such a good experience”

When returning to school, the children put together a PowerPoint reflecting on their project which can be seen below.

Click on the images below to review our learning

Summer Term 5 Spellings

Please find below the spellings for this term.

These spellings have been divided into weekly lists with a particular spelling focus indicated at the top of each column.

Thank you for your continued support

Spelling List 1 -11-04-16.pdf
Spelling List 2 11-04-16.pdf

Tuesday 8th March

Arts Festival

Today Year 5 children of Mayflower and many other schools came together to learn all about African Arts; a festival which took place at All Saints Academy. They took part in three workshops which included African Drumming, Animal Mask Making and Drama based on African Fables. At the end of the day, the children performed an African Fable with drumming accompaniment in front of parents and carers.

They learnt about tempo and dynamic and had to apply these into their performance. During the mask making, the children were able to show creativity and were encouraged to be independent within an art studio.

The children of Mayflower showed outstanding learning behaviour and participated in all activities with enthusiasm and determination.

The Principal of All Saints Academy commented, “It was a pleasure to have the children there and it was lovely to see them so focused throughout the entire day”.

“They were a real credit to Mayflower,” said Miss Norsworthy.

“I really enjoyed the different rhythms but holding the drum between my knees was hard” KT

“I was so excited to lead the drumming and see what we could achieve at the end” CM

“I felt very shy but overcome this when working with others throughout the day” MF

“I was upset about the drama but managed to stand up and say my lines in front of an audience. I’m so proud of myself”.

I am extremely proud of the children for their hard work and incredible behaviour. A very well deserved pat on the back and 5 stars from.

Miss Norsworthy

Neil Armstrong

This term, the children have been learning all about Neil Armstrong as part of their PERMs project. After researching Neil Armstrong, the children wrote their own biographies. Please click on the links below and enjoy their amazing work.

Neil Armstrong By Kiera.pdf
Neil Armstrong by Molly.pdf
Neil Armstrong by Keenan.pdf
Neil Armstong by shannay.pdf

Spring Term 4 Spellings

Please find below the spellings for this term.

These spellings have been divided into weekly lists with a particular spelling focus indicated at the top of each column.

Below, you will also find a document with a variety of activities which the children can use to help them learn each spelling each week.

Thank you for your continued support.

spelling Activities.pdf
Spelling List 1.pdf
Spelling List 2.pdf