Year 5

Project Launch

Today we were lucky to have a presentation from Neil Armstrong. We learnt all about his life and his famous space mission to the moon. We learnt how to make our own water rockets, worked as a group to complete a space timeline and even investigated craters.

Tuesday 24th January
Stock Market Challenge

Today the children of Mayflower and many other schools came together to expand their knowledge and gain new skills in investing, saving, communication, co-operation, research and decision making.

The day began with the children choosing their job within the stock market.
• Finance Manger
• Floor Runner
• Financial analysts

The purpose of the stock market challenge was to see which team would have the most money at the end of 5 days. The children checked the stocks on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) by watching the news, listening to the radio and reading the newspaper. Using the knowledge they had learnt, they then made decisions about whether to buy or sell based upon the overall performance of the stock. In addition each team was assigned £15.000 to invest and make their purchases and decide how much to spend and on which stocks.

Once the children bought their stocks it became time to heavily monitor the performance of each stock to ensure they performed well. The ultimate goal for us was to walk away as the team with the most money at the end or to at least leave the game with the same amount that we started with.

Together we can… Together we teamed up and faced the stock market challenge with determination, great manners and a fantastic work ethic.

I really enjoyed the day in particular working as a team and working out which company to buy.

The staff and pupils of All Saints were polite and helpful at all times making sure we were fed and watered well. We gave them a huge ‘thank you’ as we left.

The day ended brilliantly with us making a profit of £8.400 we didn’t win but we had a fantastic and wonderful day.

In my opinion, my favourite part of the day was when we switched roles so that we could experience each one. CD

My favourite part of Stock Market challenge was learning how the whole process works and working together as a team. MB

We had an amazing day. It was hard at first but it ended up fun when we worked together. FO

We had a great day. We found the challenges hard but here at Mayflower we persevere. MP

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Year 5 Evacuation Experience