Year 3

Do monsters exist?

So far this term your children have learnt …

*Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally.
*Locational knowledge: Name and locate the world’s seven continents and five ocean  
*Human and physical geography: Use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features, including beach, cliff, coast, sea and ocean.
*Human and physical geography: Use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features, including forest, hill, mountain, river, soil, valley and vegetation.
*How to organise writing using settings, characters and plot.
*Use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause in writing.
*Edit my work add some improvements to the texts.
*Edit written work to improve the use of vocabulary.
*Read it through to correct some spelling and punctuation errors.
*Write sentences which contain more than one clause, by using a wider range of conjunctions, such as when, if, because and although.
*Draft my work into short paragraphs.
*Group ideas I write about into paragraphs.
*Know that inverted commas are used to open and close what some one is saying in a text.

So far this term your children have had the opportunity to…

*Develop their understanding of the Ancient Greek world by having special lesson lessons with a Greek expert who brought in artefact including armour.
*Develop their story telling skills with an expert called Clive Pig. Clive showed the children how to be story tellers and then helped them tell their own stories.

Things to look forward to …

*Children making junk monsters.
*Children making story sacks
*Children sharing their stories with you in a story telling evening
*More Greek myths!!!

1950’s Visit

Today we had visitors come to our school to show us how people dressed in the 1950s. They also showed us how to dance to Rock & Roll music and talked about how men and women behaved. Once a few of us got up and danced at the front, we all had the chance to dance with our friends.

When we got back in class we discussed important historical figures who stood up for racial equality. In particular, we looked at Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. We discussed what we already knew about them, then we created questions to help us find out more.

Pop Up Community Gallery Share

Years 3 and 4 have been working incredibly hard this term to explore a Project titled ‘Will Architecture Leave a Lasting Legacy?’ One of our most recent challenges was taking part in a local architecture photography and art project exploring local buildings including the Life Centre, Argyle Stadium, Plymouth University as well as our own Academy surroundings. We were particularly interested in architecture photographs around the Academy, focusing on perspective and angles that we found most interesting. The pupils then posed an interesting question – ‘Will Mayflower Leave a Lasting Legacy?’

Our pop up gallery is exploring ‘Will Mayflower Leave a Lasting Legacy?’ sharing a selection of art work using a variety of mediums as well as the pupils edited photography. It also includes a few snapshots of our class debate shared through quotes and talk tins. “I am most impressed with the high quality beautiful art.” A parent quoted.

We invited the local community to take part in our share by completing PERMS sheets to get some feedback as well as families taking part in challenge cards. “I really liked the challenge cards, especially the maths questions, I spotted a misconception with estimating to add in class tomorrow.” Year 4 pupil.

“I absolutely love your pop up galleries! Yet again, this is an outstanding share. I feel like I’m in a real gallery. 10/10!” another parent quoted.

“Postcards of my granddaughters art? I need all 5! This is brilliant. She can send one to all of the family.” Year 4 grandmother.

The children are really excited to skype the director who led the architecture of our Academy next week. Look out for our next post!

Many thanks,
-Blue Block Team

Years 3 and 4 PE Community Engagement Event

On Monday 6th June years 3 and 4 hosted a PE community engagement event where we invited our parents and carers in to take part in a variety of sporting activities. Both years 3 and 4 have been focusing on the fundamental skill of the ‘overarm throw’ during the summer term. There were various stations which focusing on this skill. It was a great afternoon with fun had by all.

“I would give this afternoon 10/10 it was great to teach my mum how to improve her overarm throw during our game of rounder’s.” Year 4 Pupil.

“What a great opportunity to take part in my child’s PE learning and get better at a skill myself.”

Year 4 Parent.