All of our uniform is by order only from Footprint Uniforms, a Plymouth based supplier.

New uniform is now available to order from FOOTPRINT SCHOOLWEAR

Cardigans and sweatshirts are to be worn with black trousers or skirts (no pinafores or summer dresses), white polo shirt, black school shoes or all black trainers

Mayflower Community Academy | Uniform

‘Together we can…celebrate our uniqueness’

As we opened the school in 2009, parents chose to create a uniform. They chose Mayflower Community Academy as the name of our school, the uniform colour and our logo.

Since then, we have run with these collective decisions and created a menu of uniform choices that aim to give all pupils the chance to align with being with Mayflower, but also make individual choices in their appearance and stay unique.

As a community we regularly review these choices and often update options based on requests and ideas. We aim to keep things simple and accessible for all families. All options are deliberately unisex and can be available as either branded or unbranded.

The most important thing to Mayflower about uniform, is the person wearing it.

Keeping things simple

We have listened to what our families want pupils to wear to school. They wanted something that avoided pupils wearing logo-rich expensive fashion. They wanted hard wearing material. They wanted a soft feel that was sensory friendly. They wanted choice. Pupils wanted a change in colour as they got older to signify maturity. They wanted choice. Staff wanted simple, a menu of choices and a sense of Mayflower as unique to our community.

To achieve these goals, we went out to the market to find a provider that could deliver. We currently work with a local provider named Footprint uniforms. They are based in Plymouth and hand-make our uniform choices. There have been many benefits to this choice of provider. They have worked with our pupils and families to design a range of uniform options. They are a local business and parents can visit their factory, watch their uniform being made, meet the team and arrange custom-made design and clothing alterations.

Pupils who need unique tailoring options, such as larger or smaller sizing, can be uniquely catered for. The material used to make our uniform has been deliberately chosen as soft to touch and cater for all pupils with sensory needs. It is non-fade and hard wearing. One purchase should be enough for as long as a pupil remains in size. No more having to purchase more than one jumper each year. We will review uniform providers for best value on a regular basis.

Parents wanted a range of design choices with a range of price marks. Our uniform colour, although quite pretty, is more difficult to source than a more regular colour like black or white. Parents are able and welcome to clothe their children in non-branded versions of our uniform as well as source non-branded items from other uniform providers where they feel they can source their version of best value.

We will support all our families to feel part of Mayflower. With our menu of choices, we aim to make life as simple as possible – there is something style-wise and price range wise for everyone. With our ‘Together we can…’ ethos we upcycle worn but loved spare uniform that parents can access. Old uniform as landfill is not cool to us. We are interested in how old uniform can be turned into other useful items such as bags and hair bands etc. All ideas are welcomed. Let us know if you would like to get involved in a design and making group. You can email us direct on: school.office@mayfloweracademy.co.uk

A Menu of Choices to Help Pupils Stay Unique

Our uniform offer provides families with a menu of options to mix and match and choose from. Our intention is to help pupils to always feel part of Mayflower but stay unique. Pupils in Nursery are free to wear uniform, but do not have to. They get super messy as they get down and muddy each day. They also grow quickly.

Our basic uniform is a plain white button up shirt, polo shirt, plain black trouser or tracksuit bottom or skirt and plain black footwear. Heels and open toes on footwear are not permitted. Jegging style trousers are also not permitted. None of our uniform items need to be branded. The jumper options are varied, and again, can be non-branded if families prefer.
There is no separate uniform for seasons such as a Summer dress. The basic uniform can be worn all year avoiding extra cost during the Summer.

PE kit is essentially the same white top and black bottoms, but with a hoodie or soft-shell option for warmth. We aim to get outside no matter what the weather (safety first). If parents would prefer to purchase only one item of outer colour-aligned uniform – the hoodie is the option to go for. It can be worn for all parts of school life. Equally, unbranded options can be worn in school, and if branded is not desired, we advise parents to provide a simple black or best-match jade or grey hoodie to be worn for all parts of the school week.

When we take pupils out on school trips, we would mostly be wearing uniform to aid quick location of pupils. This, however, will depend on the type of trip and will be clarified before venturing out.

A Menu of Choices to Help Pupils Stay Unique

  1. A button up cardigan. Good for pupils who like to stay cooler.
  2. A sleeveless tank top. The cheapest item and perfect for pupils
    who get overly warm or chew through sleeves.
  3. A V-neck jumper. Nice and loose around the neck, clean lines
    and simple.
  4. A blazer like no other. Made with the same material as the other
    items, it is soft to touch and super flexible.
  1. T-shirt and polo shirt. White for any session wear including PE.
  2. Our PE hoodie. It can be worn for all sessions if pupils wish. If
    parents want to buy only one item of outer wear, this is the one.
  3. A water resistant, wind proof soft shell jacket. It can be worn for
    class work as well as getting to and from school.
  4. Soft to touch shorts and tracksuit bottoms for all session day
    wear. The PE kit option too.

Colour Change as Children Age

An extensive range of worn, but still loved, uniform is available to all families. Our community also regularly come together to mend, fix and make available worn uniform too. Together we can… in action.

They wanted a colour change to give a different sense of maturing. We delivered on his, but if parents wish, they can continue wearing uniform from previous years. We would never advocate creating unnecessary uniform waste.

Pupils asked for a change in colour option so that they moved away from wearing the same uniform option at the age of 11 years old as they did when they were in early years.

In Years 5 and 6 pupils can move from wearing a Rio coloured outer layer to a light grey.