Talent & Enterprise Trust

TET and Mayflower Governance Diagram 2016

Object and aims
The principal object and activity of the charitable company is the operation of the individual academies to provide education to pupils of different abilities which is inclusive, rich in aspirational values and outstanding so that all can strive to achieve the best possible opportunities in life.

The principal objectives of the Trust are as follows:
· to ensure that every child enjoys the same high quality education in terms of resourcing, teaching and care;

· to raise the standard of educational achievement of all pupils;

· to improve the effectiveness of the Individual Academies by keeping the curriculum and organisational structure under continual review;

· to provide value for money for the funds expended;

· to comply with all appropriate statutory and curriculum requirements;

· to maintain close links with partner schools; and

· to conduct the Trust’s business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, probity and openness.

Objectives, strategies and activities
In accordance with the articles of association the charitable company has adopted a “Scheme of Government” approved by the Secretary of State for Education.

· The main objectives of the Trust during the year 2013 – 2014 were to:

· Provide an inspirational curriculum that is broad and balanced rich in experience, promotes excellence and enables every child to make the most of his or her own distinctive and special talents.

· Engage with the wider community to break down boundaries, broaden horizons and provide high quality learning experiences, both in and out of school, that help children develop a love of learning new things and a strong sense of citizenship.

· Promote an inclusive learning culture that values and respects all people equally, where diversity is seen as a rich source of learning and all demonstrate tolerance and mutual respect.

· Provide a stimulating learning environment, where positive learning behaviours are the norm and all young people are safe, challenged in their thinking and encouraged to explore, dream and discover their world in order to open up their career and life choices.

· Work in unison with Mayflower Community Academy to provide extended opportunities to deliver key interventions and a creative curriculum.

· Provide opportunities for both families and pupils to engage in research and further study.

· Community members enhance their understating of education and key skills by engaging with schemes such as MEP, Expansive Education research projects and Children’s University.

The Talent & Enterprise Trust is a Multi Academy trust which currently has one school, Mayflower Community Academy. Mayflower Community Academy is a state-funded primary school sponsored by Plymouth University.

Mayflower Community Academy’s integrated skills based curriculum has been built around the principles of active discovery and experiential learning. Pupils enjoy the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum delivered in an unreserved spirit of adventure. It is designed to serve and meet the unique needs of its pupils. At its centre is the aim to develop a shared passion for lifelong learning and a relentless focus on striving for success and excellence.

Science and Enterprise feature as strong subjects with the aim of teaching transferable skills for future economic success. Working with Plymouth University, pupils’ interest in finding rational explanations of what they observe is nurtured to stimulate and develop pupil’s enthusiasm for the sciences. Through explicit planning and enthusiastic teaching, using the Pioneering theme, pupils’ natural curiosity will be harnessed to stimulate interest in finding out about the natural world. It is considered that a fundamental knowledge of Science from Reception onward will inform children’s understanding of the crucial contribution to all aspects of the world and the university.

The Academy aims to build upon the most effective primary practice and alongside transference of scientific knowledge there will be planned opportunities for pupils to experience first-hand learning through investigation. Plymouth University provide opportunities for our pupils to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and to relate these to everyday experiences and learn about ways of thinking and of finding out and communicating ideas.

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