Academy Governance

The local Trust Board years is called the Mayflower Academy Governing Council and replaced the existing Governing body on the 1st September 2013. The Academy Governing Council manages academic performance and holds the head and teaching staff accountable for performance. The Academy Governing Council is responsible for developing community links and community partnerships, in addition to:

  • Being a critical friend to the Academy principal and leadership team
  • Assuring the quality of the educational experience for all staff and students
  • Performance Management of the Head and Senior Leadership Team
  • The monitoring of teaching and learning, curriculum delivery and Academy performance
  • The Quality of education experienced by pupils at the Academy

10 members appointed by the sponsor, 3 parents and 2 members serve for 4 years on the Mayflower Community Governing Academy Council:

Name Voting Rights Governor Type Term of Office Term of Office Expiry Subject Area
Tom Cowan (Chair)

University 4 years 11/11/18 Maths
David Sammels

Headteacher 4 years N/A
Helen Jennings

Staff (Teaching) 4 years 31/08/18
Sarah Sandey

Staff (Pupil Advocate) 4 years 17/06/19
Gemma Campbell

Parent 4 years 14/03/21 English
Lynne Woolcocks

Parent 4 years 31/08/19 Science
Sue Matheron

University 4 years 31/08/18 Safeguarding and Child Protection

Community 4 years
Michael Paisey

Community 4 years 20/01/19

University 4 years
Chris Warne

Community 4 years 29/11/20 Premises / Health and Safety
Julie Luxton

University 4 years 10/03/19 English

4 years

4 years
Mrs Margaret Smith Clerk 4 years N/A

Committee Membership

Education Community Personnel
David Sammels Sue Matheron (Chair)
Lynne Woolcocks David Sammels
Tom Cowan Michael Paisey (Chair) David Sammels
Helen Jennings Tom Cowan
Julie Luxton (Chair) Chris Warne
Gemma Campbell
Sarah Sandey

Clerk to Academy Governing Council – Margaret Smith

With the exception of the parent governors who will serve for two years from the 1st September 2013, all other appointees will serve for four years as from the 1st September 2013.