Parents and Children

Welcome to our parents and children section. Here we are looking to share with you what our pupils get up to in Mayflowers Early Years and how our parents are connecting with their learning

As part of their PACT (Parents and Children Together) sheet, Foundation 2 children have been developing their ability to ask questions and to research the answer. The children have been using BLP (Building Learning Power) to ask Wise Owl Questions.

Each child used Non-Fiction books to think of a question which they wanted to find out about, they then found the answer at home with their adults. As the pictures show, the children showed great pride in sharing their findings with their peers.

The questions ranged from ‘Why do stars shine in the sky?’ from Morgan- Marie to ‘What do Spider’s eat?’ from Alisha and will be proudly displayed in their learning journey’s.

We are hoping this learning will inspire the children to ask more questions about the world around them and also independently use books or ICT to find out their own answers.

As part of our EYFS Reading, we also provide reading workshops to get parents and children reading together! They are on Monday’s at 3.30 in class RP. Here’s a couple of snaps!

….and here is a video of one of our pupils reading their high frequency words!

IMG 1626 from Technician on Vimeo.