Good News

Foundation SHARE their Learning

Foundation have been enjoying SHARING their learning with their special adults. The children have been working on their project question: ‘Can I teach you all about me?’ For homework, the children were asked to write or draw about their special adult and then invite them in to see their classrooms. We have also had Group Times on Healthy Eating, Exercise and our bodies.
We had a fantastic turn out from adults and we were so pleased to open our doors and welcome in family members from brothers and sisters to grandparents. Mrs Parsons welcomed the families and explained that the children are working so hard on counting in order to 10 and also in writing their numbers correctly. All staff gave out number formation sheets with rhymes to help the children form their numerals and encouraged them to try them out. The children gave their special family members a tour and we saw some wonderful learning. The Key Workers enjoyed speaking to families about how individual children have settled in and their progress so far!

The activities ranged from making playdough numbers to fishing numbers with the magnets and investigating blocks and construction in our new construction hut. Please enjoy looking at our photos- it is clear to see all of the hard work within the Unit.

What do I know about Africa?

Today we finally made it to our long awaited trip to Ham Woods. We were lucky enough to have Bex from Natural Connections to join us. When we arrived we sat on the big logs around the camp fire. Bex knew that we were learning about Africa so she started the session off telling us a story about ‘Mother Africa’: Mother Africa was a lady who made clay animals that came to life!

Bex then taught us how to make a camp fire. She explained that you can rub two sticks together to make a fire but we didn’t have enough time for this so she taught us how to use kindling (little sticks) they had to be dry, we also used a little bit of paper which she lit with a match. We all got to describe the fire as a group.

Then, we explored the woods with an adult to make a hut. This was a fun challenge. Some of us used the big bushes, some used trees and others started from scratch making a structure from sticks.

Some groups ended the day by telling a group story using some picture story dice. When we rolled the dice there was a picture so we had to make a story up depending on the picture it landed on. Other groups ended the day by making animal footprints in the mud using clay prints.

The children have been re-visiting their learning about the woods at school with the resources we collected. We have been making huts and campfires with sticks and moss.

We can’t wait to go again!

Early Years love Building their Learning

Over the last term, the Early Years Foundation Stage have chosen to learn about Building. The PERMS Project of learning was started with a trip around North Prospect with talks and demonstrations from local builders.

The children absolutely loved meeting Bob the Builder and the waving digger! We looked at the Foundations being laid and the crane transporting structures.

We all commented on how hard the team worked together which reminded us of our ‘Building Learning Power’ character: TEAM MONKEY!

For our Project, we focused on making progress in Communication and Language skills and our evidence shows that our targeted group of boys made good progress. IT was a fantastic opportunity to SHARE our building learning and FAB VOCAB with Reception Parents. We have a set of building challenges which were set and what a competition it was!

For our next project, the children wanted learn about Animals and Countries around the world so we are excited to launch our AFRICA Project: What do I know about Africa?

Our children in the Early Years have been enjoying our ‘Building’ topic. They have been doing lots of home learning from making tools to designing safety wear! We were absolutely delighted to see Alicia Town’s home learning as she built a house with her dad. ‘I had to mix the cement and that made the house strong with the bricks’ said Alicia (Age 5). Alicia SHARED her learning with the class and also had her ‘star homework’ on the wall. Alicia’s dad, Shaun, kindly donated more house sets to the school and is coming in to help build them with other groups of children.
What a fantastic example of home and school working together! Thank you to the Town family for these pictures!

The EYFS children planned our new topic all around building. Since the start of term, we have been learning about building and were lucky enough to visit the

North Prospect development to launch our experiences and new learning

As a Foundation Unit, we looked up our route using google maps and planned a walk which went past completed new builds and also those builds which were just starting. We spoke to the builders and watched the diggers at work- one digger even waved at the children!

The children met builder Paul and builder Bob who talked to us about their daily jobs in North Prospect! We had a great time, thank you to everyone who made our Foundation children’s day! A special thanks to our generous parent helpers!