Writing Models & Scaffolding

How can you support your child’s writing at home?

Understanding genre and structure works hand in hand with any success criteria for writing. It is vital that children are able to identify the key features of a text and therefore apply this within their own writing.

Here you will be able to find genre mats which will guide you towards the key features of each text. These also provide you with a simple planning structure which can scaffold children’s writing. These mats are a valuable tool which enables your children to: select, organise and interpret their ideas.

Fiction Scaffolding
Non Fiction Scaffolding

You will also find below a link to a fantastic website. Literacy WAGOLLWhat A Good One Looks Like. This website will provide you with models for writing across all genres. It is a fantastic tool which allows children to identify key features in example texts and exposes them to high quality models which they can cherry pick ideas from and adapt to their own context.