Writing & Grammar

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” Martin Luther

Here at Mayflower Community Academy we believe in creating a can do culture towards writing. Giving children the opportunity to express their opinions, imagination and personality through writing, develops skills which can be transferred to a vast array of situations throughout their future lives. Together we can…create learning which we will remember forever.

As pupils progress through Mayflower Community Academy, they will develop the skills which will enable them to self-reflect on their writing, make improvements through using their purple pen and consequently they will increase their conferencing skills by having meaningful conversations about their own writing and their personal next steps.

Writing is a gateway to an extensive amount of skills. In order for children to get the most out of their learning at Mayflower Community Academy, we encourage independence. Through taking ownership of their work and creating purpose, by linking writing fully to our PERMs projects, pupils are able to see the wider impact that writing has on the world around them. We aim to teach our pupils the genres of different writing and expose them to high quality models which are engaging and set high expectations. We want our pupils at Mayflower Community Academy to be able to spot different genres of writing and explain the impact and relevance these have in and around our community.

Please help us to encourage your children to write and explore grammatical skills/concepts in the wider community. Sharing is an extremely valuable tool which gives children purpose to their writing and creates and audience. Follow and/or share your children’s writing achievements within our community with:


“Together we can…inspire and encourage the next generation of authors within our community!”