Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is taught within Writing. This gives pupils a context to their learning and they are able to apply new skills with purpose and meaning.
Mayflower Community Academy have identified a clear progression of skills within SPaG. These have been presented in the form of a Graphic Organiser – Mind Map. Each year groups SPaG progression can be found below:

Year 1 Progression
Year 2 Progression
Year 3 and 4 Progression
Year 5 and 6 Progression

In order to secure our pupils’ understanding of different SPaG concepts, Mayflower Community Academy have developed Grammar retrieval cards which are based on research from the Learning Scientist. Pupils from Year 1 – Year 6 have access to year group relevant cards and use these as pre-learning, consolidation, and spaced practice.

To use these retrieval cards at home, we have developed this website which has all of the different year groups broken down. The process of retrieval is still the same.

Please click on the link below to get to the SPaG Retrieval Cards Website and click on the Year Group that corresponds to you!


At Mayflower Community Academy, every pupil has access to Spelling Shed. This is an online resource which allows teachers to set specific spellings for different year groups. These spellings link directly to the National Curriculum and which rule is being taught in the classroom that week. We also use Spelling Shed as a form of Spaced Practice for previous spelling rules learnt throughout the year.

Spelling Shed is one of our 4 APPs to success used within our Remote Learning Strategy. We recommend that every child spends 20 minutes a day on Spelling Shed. If you need further information about how to use Spelling Shed or need help logging in, please contact your child’s class teacher.