Fluent, clear and precise handwriting is the key to unlock successful writers. In order to be able to confidently write and re-draft creative pieces of work, children need to have strong fine motor skills, correct letter formation and clear spacing between words. Our handwriting policy states that pupils are taught pre-cursive letter formations in EYFS. Once this is established and secure, pupils move to cursive handwriting.

On this page, you will find support for handwriting which mirrors strategies used in the classroom. By working together, we can promote consistency and effectively develop our pupil’s handwriting.

Handwriting Key Progression Document

This document is a breakdown of the key skills your children will be developing at Mayflower Community Academy year by year. It will guide you through the key skills each year group will focus on and inform you of end of year expectations.

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To help develop fine and gross motor skills, follow this video where two pupils from Mayflower Community Academy confidently demonstrate a range of skills to help strengthen your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Finger warm ups, pencil warm ups, pencil grip as well as letter formation.

Mayflower Community Academy use the Letter-join handwriting scheme. All pupils have access to this – usernames and passwords can be found on pupils’ reading journals but teachers will be able to resend this if necessary.

Letter-join is one of our 4 APPs to success used within our Remote Learning Strategy. It provides excellent models of letter formation, opportunities to practise cursive whole words. Along with this, there are warm ups, phonics games and creative ways to help engage pupils with their spaced practise. Under resources, you will also be able to find printable sheets which you could print at home as and when needed.

We recommend that every child spends 20 minutes a day on Spelling Shed. If you need further information about how to use Spelling Shed or need help logging in, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Alphabet poster.pdf
Capital letter alphabet.pdf
Number and symbols.pdf
High frequency words.pdf
Lined paper medium.pdf
Highlighted paper medium.pdf