“Handwriting is connected to the movement of the heart.” Natalie Goldberg

Fluent, clear and precise handwriting is the key to unlock successful writers. In order to be able to confidently write and re-draft creative pieces of work, children need to have strong fine motor skills, correct letter formation and clear spacing between words.
Please find attached a break down of the key skills your children will be developing at Mayflower Community Academy. This document will be able to guide you whilst you support your child with their handwriting skills.

Handwriting Key Progression Document

Mayflower Community Academy are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log in to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. There you will find the same, easy-to-use handwriting resources as we use at school.

Alphabet poster.pdf
Capital letter alphabet.pdf
Number and symbols.pdf
High frequency words.pdf
Lined paper medium.pdf
Highlighted paper medium.pdf