Grammar Hunters

Mayflower Community Academy Grammar Hunters!
Have you got sharp eyes?
Do you know your commas from your apostrophes?
Could you be a Mayflower Grammar Hunter?

This year, Mayflower Community Academy are looking for Grammar Hunters to help fight the war on incorrect grammar around our city.

Whilst you are out making new memories and experiencing new things, keep your eyes open for any grammatical errors you may find on shop signs, menus, timetables, TV programmes, books as well as so much more.

But what if you can’t find any? That’s a good thing! We also want you to share with us quality texts and excellent models of writing. Pick up leaflets with fantastic descriptive language or ask the restaurant if you can have a copy of its menu because of its fantastic list of ingredients for a dish.

Being able to spot these mistakes or identify high quality texts will help you become lifelong learners and writers. Let us join together in the battle against incorrect grammar!

If you manage to find any incorrect grammar or have a great example of good writing, tweet a photo of it to…

…or write it down and come and show me in person. Could you even ask to take a copy of the good example texts or incorrect grammar as evidence?

There will be a points system running throughout the year and points means trophies! Who is going to win? Yellow & Red block? Blue Block? Green Block? Or even Mayflower Staff?