Maths Manipulatives

Manipulative Maths Monday

On Monday 25th April, all children in Years 1 – 5 were given a mathematical challenge to find as many ways as they could to use maths resources (called manipulatives) to support their learning in the classroom. Manipulatives provide a hands-on and fun way to learn maths and support children in visualising a problem and to make connections between different areas of learning. After a morning assembly, the children had opportunities to explore, investigate and play with mathematical apparatus like bead strings, Numicon, Diene blocks, counting sticks and place value counters to tackle a number of problems, with a focus on justifying (proving) what they learned to another person, either a peer or adult.

Here are just some of the fantastic things the pupils had to say about their day!

All of those involved, adults and children alike, had a fantastic day!

“I showed that 26 has 2 tens and 6 units in 3 different ways” (Year 1)

“I like using the bead strings because they helped me with addition and subtraction” (Year 2)

“Using the Numicon helped me to count in multiples of 4s, 6s and 10s which helped me learn my times tables” (Year 5)

“The Dienes were useful when we looked at place value as I could make numbers using the hundreds, tens and ones” (Year 3)

“Using all of the manipulatives made maths really fun!” (Year 3)

“Today was 10/10! We really enjoyed ourselves and now feel much more confident using the different manipulatives.” (Year 2)

“I tried all of the manipulatives to help me with this challenge but decided that the Numicon helped me the best!” (Support Centre)

“I chose the place value counters because they help me visualise the value of the numbers” (Year 5)

“It was brilliant to see all of the children so engaged in maths with all of the apparatus at their disposal. There was a very, positive buzz in every block throughout the day as everyone worked and collaborated in tackling some challenging problems”. (Specialist Maths Team)

At the end of the day, parents were invited to join us so that the children could share everything they had learned about and how the resources supported them in developing their mathematical skills. This way, the parents could support their children at home with confidence, after learning how it is taught in school.

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