Maths Events

Plymouth University Maths Day

On Thursday 25th February we were lucky to have some students from Plymouth University.

In Year 3 the students taught us about algorithms, applying these in partners, as well as creating our own.

We also had a chance to carry out some practical maths surrounding algorithms and solving these as a group. In the afternoon we also had a go at solving problems and created our own messages in Braille.

“It was so much fun learning about the different algorithms.”

“I really enjoyed working as a team in the hall finding out what numbers we needed to add together.”

In year 4 the students came and taught us about code breaking and using maps. We had to break the code to find out clues on who had robbed the ‘Mayflower Bank’.

“Maths doesn’t have to be boring– it can be fun as well!”

“I really enjoyed cracking the codes. I persevered with my learning today”

In Year 2 the children looked at many problems including tackling assorted mathematical puzzles, code breaking using letter frequency methods used by Queen Victoria, logic puzzles, and place value games and proof based algorithms.

Thanks to everyone’s amazing effort, we have managed to raise an incredible £733.81 for the NSPCC. WOW!

Mayflower Community Academy took part in a nationwide Number Day on Friday 5th February in order to raise this money. Number Day was a great way to make maths fun and all children and adults took part in several different challenges including:

  • Sponsored activities, with help from the Plymouth Raiders Coach.
  • A skipping and throw and catch challenge.
  • Measuring competitions and games.
  • Fraction frenzy.
  • Wearing numbers for charity.
  • A 3D net challenge
  • And even a bake sale which raised an incredible £100 in less than 8 minutes.

We would like to send a massive thank you to Danny from Plymouth Raiders for supporting blue block with their sponsored activity; to Julie and the kitchen staff for inviting so many parents in for lunch and a massive thank you to all parents for raising so much money for the charity.

“I really enjoyed eating lunch with my daughters and at the same time raising money for such a great cause”

“What an amazing day. A real buzz around the school”
Miss Ibbotson

“What a success! Number Day was awesome!”
Mrs Jennings

“I loved learning about maths all day and taking part in a sponsored activity to raise money for charity. An awesome day”

maths masterclass.pdf

Mathematics Masterclass Year 5

On Tuesday 28th April 2015, Alana Trott, Rosie Williams, Cory Snow and Tyler Wright from Year 5 attended the University of Plymouth to attend a Mathematics Masterclass alongside other pupils from around the city.
The host was Jenny Sharp from Plymouth University who was fabulous at introducing Mathematics by Doing, Thinking and Talking not just ‘number work’. The children were encouraged to work individually, in pairs and in groups. They had to ‘think outside the box’, talk, do’ and most of all ‘listen’. The children not only had to get the correct answer but had to explain how and why, verbally and in practise. The children were encouraged to continually use because throughout the day.
The children collaborated maturely and a very productively. They returned to school with Mathematical board games from around the world which encourages strategy and reasoning.
Jenny Sharp hosts Masterclasses for Years 5 to 10! She is now teaching students who have been to her classes in the past and are now studying to become teachers themselves!