Home Learning - Maths Toolkits

Mayflower Maths Toolkits have been designed to provide all the necessary Maths manipulatives a child may need to support their learning at home.

Regular Community Workshops will be running throughout the year to model how these Toolkits can be used.

This year the pupils are working in partnership with member of Mayflower’s immediate and extended community to create their own tutorials. Pupils aim to provide themselves and their families with a plethora of clear and concise instructions on how to develop their understanding of Mathematics. This project forms part of Mayflower’s community focused ‘5 Waves of Engagement’.

The key message is that learning is for everyone – It is your turn to learn.

KS1 Toolkit

KS2 Toolkit

Maths Snap Year 1

Cubes Year 2

Make 10 Year 2

3 Digit Sominoes Year 3

Connect 4 – BODMAS Edition

It is your turn to learn… Bricks

Joins Year 6 BODMAS

Mental Multiplication Year 6

Dice Dash Year 6