Reading and Phonics Lead Biography

Hi, my name is Eve Cairns Vollans, and I am the Reading and Phonics Lead at Mayflower Community Academy.

“Together we can enable, engage and enthuse the reader within every child.”

My Experience:

Before joining Mayflower, I worked in Germany for nine years. I taught children aged between 3 and 7, primarily with children who had English as an additional language. This stirred an interest in me, as to how the English language is broken down, and how children can learn to be fluent readers in English. In 2016, I joined Mayflower Community Academy as the Reading and Phonics Lead and I am still enjoying every single moment of researching, planning, teaching and supporting the children to become proficient readers.

My Passion:

Since being a small child, I always wanted to become a teacher. As I became older, I supported one of my friends to learn to read. When I went to University, I studied English Language, as the structure of English appealed to me, and I wanted to know more. Working with children from the age of three to eleven, has enabled me to understand the learning process and development of phonics and reading. I enjoy finding systematic, yet creative ways to effectively teach phonics and reading. Combining this with reading for pleasure opportunities and involving the community with reading, ignites my passion. In 2020, I was awarded with The Open University/UKLA/Egmont Publishing Experienced Teacher of the Year, focusing on reading.

My Current Interest:

I am working on continuously improving community involvement with reading. At the moment I lead a weekly TEAMS evening read called Fireside Read and I would like to involve more families with this. I have also designed a Reading Events Calendar, which is an exciting project involving the community. Reading and phonics workshops are soon to be released too. Another focus area is the school Community Bookshop, ensuring that stock is relevant and meets the needs of our children and families. In school, I am working on developing knowledge organisers and graphic schemas to go alongside the texts that the children are reading- this supports any background and secondary knowledge to understand the books being read. Lots of exciting things happening!

Partners I’m working with:

People Who Inspire Me:

Professor Teresa Cremin

Doug Lemov

Twitter: @evevollansMCA