Phonics and Reading: Tools and Resources

Phonics Bug Resources

How to help your child with phonics

Click on the image below to access a video created by Phonics Bug, giving top tips about helping your child with phonics.

Help your child to correctly pronounce the letter sounds

If you would like to know how to support your child with correctly prouncing the letter sounds, click on the image below. This will show you a magnetic letter board. Click on each letter/groups of letters to hear how the sound is correctly pronounced.

Help your child to recognise the letter sounds

In class, your child will use these phonics mats to help them recognise the letter sounds and to help them to form the letters correctly. These mats are written in the order that the letter sounds are taught, through phase one to phase six.

Help your child to read the High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words

Each day, your child will be taught to read these words. Most words can be sounded out, using the letter sounds shown on the phonics mats above. The children learn by splitting the words into the sounds and then blending together. This is what we call “sounding out.”

Speedy Sounds

Each day, your child in EYFS Years 1 and 2 (and any child who needs extra help with reading), will read through the sounds (the phonemes) at speed. Below is a copy of the Speedy Sounds mat that your child will use.

Reading Resources

There are over 300 books allocated to every child at Mayflower, through the online reading scheme Bug Club.

Reading Journals

At Mayflower, we expect every child to read for at least 20 minutes, at least 5x per week.

We ask families to audio record their child reading each week and submit the recording via TEAMS. We call this our online reading journal #HearMeBecomeaReader.

The audio recordings are listened to in class every Friday and achievements are celebrated together as a class.

Each audio recording is saved and can then be made into a continuous recording- showing how every child’s reading has progressed over the year. A terrific memory to be able to keep and celebrate.