Phonics and Reading Activities

Phonics and Reading Community Calendar

We place great importance on working together with our families and local community to enhance their reading experiences, to show that reading is around us, 24 hours a day in many different forms.

We have created a Phonics and Reading Community Calendar, inviting our parents, families and the community to join in with us to celebrate the love for reading.

Fireside Read

Every Thursday (term time only), we hold an informal reading session from 6.30-7pm via TEAMS. This is called Fireside Read.

During Fireside Read, the leading adult will read a short story or a poem. This is followed by a brief discussion. The session is then led by the children and families. Every child brings along something they love to read, or something that they have written themselves. Each child then has time to share and talk about what they have read or written. The other children are then encouraged to question each other and talk about similar texts that they have read. If a child wants to sit and listen, they are absolutely encouraged to do so. It is a fantastic session and every child across the Academy is encouraged to join in.